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Going Green (not with envy or rage, but in a good way)

Going Green (not with envy or rage, but in a good way)

It has been about two months since my last confession blog post, so it seems appropriate to do another one. For the relatively small gaggle of people interested in whether I’m still alive and well, yes, yes I am.

In the past two months I fulfilled one lifetime dream in travelling to Japan, spending about a week in Tokyo. I was there for work, as Flyhigh Works had a rather awesome booth at Tokyo Game Show; it sure was a work trip! The days were long, but fulfilling, and my feet… my poor, poor feet. I have terrible feet, and standing on them in a roasting hot expo hall for entire days was difficult, and then every evening we’d make our way to Akihabara (a place of blinding lights and lots of places to eat) which would take an hour or more. Each day was wonderful, and then I’d get back to the hotel and be unconscious the moment my head hit the pillow. One night I was actually lying down and about to call my family, only to wake up at 3am with the phone in my hand, the number half dialled.

The highlights of the trip? Plenty of them, really. One was meeting the wider team. You see, the vast majority of our team are in Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan, so I met the group for the first time. Everyone was great, though language was a barrier, but I was genuinely touched in a final team meal when we all introduced ourselves and said lovely things to each other. It was a very pure moment.

I was, of course, drinking in as much culture as I could, but the combination of work duties and appalling weather on my off day limited the potential to be a proper tourist. That said, the trip allowed me to spend more time with my employers and I think it strengthened our relationship. During TGS itself I did a mix of media / business chats, but also helped a lot with the nitty gritty of the booth. One highlight for me was when a mother and young girl started playing one of our games in which you craft recipes. It’s a very colourful game, and something about the way they both engaged with and enjoyed it, and most importantly shared the experience, was truly memorable.

Oh, and Japanese food is the best.

So that was that. Work is very busy otherwise, but is going well. On a more personal level I’m stepping up my own personal efforts to ‘go green’. I already eat less meat and watch power consumption, but I’m also looking into getting an electric car. I’m sticking at it, but they won’t go mainstream unless big changes happen, which hopefully will be the case in the next 3-5 years. Not only are electric cars expensive compared to petrol equivalents, but buying one is a pain in the arse.

As I live in a flat / apartment, I’m still trying to find out if I can get a charging point for my assigned parking spot; I hope I can, but have a backup plan if not. Beyond that, figuring out how to actually get on the ladder and run the thing is a little overly complicated right now, but I’m persistent. It’s enough of a nuisance, though, that I can imagine anyone looking at the idea casually would give up quite quickly. A lot needs to change to make electric cars accessible, affordable (and I mean actually affordable, for those looking to spend $15,000, not $30,000+) and easy to buy. Hopefully, though, positive steps will keep being taken to make that possible, and I have to say there’s impressive support at a public sector level in Scotland (mostly driven by the Scottish, not UK, government).

I’ve been aiming to go green for years, doing so slowly and, frankly, in ways I can actually afford. It seems more critical now, of course, that the window for preventing environmental catastrophe is getting smaller, potentially just 12 years. It’s easy – and justifiable – to feel pessimistic about our chances, but the only thing we can do is be positive and to get off the fence. Beyond doing my own thing in being more green I’m looking into options for activism. One thing will be potentially joining the Scottish Green Party, once I’ve researched the manifesto, but I’ll also be looking at other things. We also need businesses to be motivated to go green, and they’ll only do that if it’s profitable. Corporations are selfish bastards, so legislation needs to tap into that for a positive end goal – if politicians can find some courage, naturally.

Everyone that cares about the topic should do what they can, at least. Whether that’s political affiliations, activist groups, petitions, or just talking about being green. Everyone can do something.

Anyway, here ends the soapbox. Have a lovely day!

Until next time…