My name is Thomas Whitehead, and all I do is write. My day job is editing Nintendo Life, a website dedicated to the company and its games that has a sizeable global audience. It’s a role with plenty of positives, but the major negative is that it pigeon-holes my writing, something I hope to improve by running this rather simple blog.

As for my background, my biggest lifelong passions have always been writing, reading literature and performing music. When 17-18 I made the call that the first two would be my focus, so I studied English and Scottish Literature at Edinburgh University. Unsurprisingly that degree wasn’t abundantly useful in the real world, but after winging my way through a role at BSkyB I did a postgraduate Masters in Material Cultures and the History of the Book. Again, unsurprisingly, it didn’t open many career doors, and I also tried and failed to run an e-publishing website.

And so I write about video games, but as I’m at a grown up part of my life I’m doing things like planning to buy property and, yes, thinking about the future. I want to write for a living, and perhaps one day will do so away from video games.

This blog will be a home for my writing, when I don’t feel like writing about Nintendo for the 11,553rd time – ok, I’m not actually counting, but I’ve written a lot of articles. There’ll be some political musings, general thoughts, along with more structured attempts at fiction and perhaps script-writing.

If you want to get in touch after reading all of that, tweet me or hit me up on linkedin. Thanks!