A Week in the Life… Dozing on the Sofa and Cheering On a Former Home Town

A Week in the Life… Dozing on the Sofa and Cheering On a Former Home Town

I’m a day late with this post, so my ‘once a week’ pledge is already on iffy ground. Well, never mind…

In any case, after the events of the first post in this series the past week had a different kind of buzz. I had a big week in my job, but the nature of that work (and my own instinctive discretion) means it’s mostly stuff I won’t happily blog about. It was a productive week, at least, and one fun thing that is easy to share is that I got business cards printed. I was given a rather cool double-sided design that portrays both CIRCLE Entertainment and Flyhigh Works – pretty neat, and the printer liked them to the point he kept a sample to show off the black print. Hey, whatever does it for you Mr Printer man (it was a little company in Linlithgow full of very nice people).

Linlithgow is a lovely town, by the way, well worth a visit for anyone that’s in the area. It’s old fashioned even in its approach roads, with all routes in seemingly involving narrow lanes and one-way bridge crossings. When I went for the cards my mum came along, giving us a chance to grab lunch at a favourite cafe that’s been in business for over 10 years (at least). Linlithgow is a town where brands don’t exist for the most part, it’s mainly independent stores – as a result it’s a comforting throwback.

Aside from that it was a quieter week. In gaming I alternated between Enter the Gungeon and Rocket League for quick fixes, and also played a bit of VOEZ to test the new controls that went live last week. Over the weekend I got quite close to finishing Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition on Switch, and I also did a few more cases in L.A. Noire. Both of those are almost done now, and I also need to get back to Resident Evil 7 (I loved the opening hour, but I have to be in the right mood for games that intense).

I also did the stereotypical thing of working stiffs – dozing off on the sofa on multiple evenings. Oh dear…

At the weekend I had a gaming afternoon with my brother that was nice, and I also went to my parents’ house to watch Newport County vs Tottenham Hotspur in the FA Cup. I was born in South Wales and lived in nearby Cwmbran until I was about 7; that’s when we moved to Scotland. Most of our extended family lives in Newport, so the town (technically a city, but it’s notĀ really a city) was a big part of my life. To be blunt it was never my favourite place in the world, but in recent years I have admired the football club from a distance. Renting a stadium, no decent training facilities, it’s survived against the odds and is now run by the supporters. Under the current manager they’ve not only survived but started to thrive; it’s a great underdog story.

The cup run had already been lucrative (the club hopes to build a training ground, apparently), but in drawing 1-1 at home against Spurs they now get a replay at Wembley that will be worth even more money. Remarkable stuff, and it was great watching the game with my parents who were both big fans of the club and used to go to gamesĀ back in the day.

And that was the week. Some breakthrough moments in work, dozing, games and watching football in spare time. I ignored the Trump / Piers Morgan interview that everyone seemed to tweet about on Sunday night, too, I had better things to do. Someone has to watch that paint dry.

Until next time,


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