Back to writing, whether I feel like it or not

Back to writing, whether I feel like it or not

Crikey, it’s been months since I posted on here. Doesn’t time fly?

I’ve been in a bit of a creative funk, in some ways, which isn’t a particularly constructive way to pass the time. It’s much easier to keep everything in my own head – less effort, less general malarkey. I have been busy-ish with work, but that’s not really an excuse. Also, it’s not all been bad. I’ve been relaxed and content a lot of the time, with nice things in my life and some pleasing plans for the future. As always I seek a balance of realism and learning about the shitty parts of life, while also keeping my eye on the positives and inherent goodness in the world.

So, a quick breakdown on my late-Summer / early Fall, before I set about a renewed bid to get writing about non-game things.

Some recent highlights were in Edinburgh during Festival season. I got to go to some excellent talks, the best of which was by Gordon Brown. The ‘dour Scot’ that got characterised when he was crushed by a decade on Downing Street (number 11 and then 10) wasn’t there, but an energetic, sparky and fiercely intelligent politician.

Despite his flaws as a politician (they all have them, because they’re just people), I’ve always admired him. I thought a combination of mistakes (no more than his rivals, really), and his election run as PM being blighted as a popularity contest ultimately did for him in Westminster. ‘Just call me Dave’ Cameron played the bright young thing card at the time that had previously worked so well for Blair. Brown looked tired and grumpy by comparison, probably because he’d been working hard for a decade. In any case, his talk at the Edinburgh Book Festival was brilliant. He laid out a vision for a post-Brexit Britain that put logic, optimism and intelligence at its core. I just hope he finds a platform to push it forward.

Another highlight was seeing Billy Elliot at the Playhouse. An extraordinary show, beautifully performed, and also incredibly ballsy. No shyness in tackling controversy, it got stuck into the miners / Thatcher showdown and pulled no punches. I watched the film again too, which is a classic.

I’ve been reading a bit, watching sport, working. I had a grim failure in a freelance gig, but have had a nice time editing an upcoming eBook. As for Nintendo Life, the Nintendo Switch was announced, which cheered me up no end! I also appreciate the fact that I can work weird hours and have freedom in writing style and editorial content. I try to put some humour into articles occasionally, even in the most mundane of news articles. I probably laugh at my own lines more than our readers do, but it makes the days fun.

I dumped RBS as my bank recently, after one too many headlines about them being incompetent shitheads. I shifted my banking to Nationwide, am setting up savings and should be all set to try and buy a house / flat next Spring or Summer. It’s all frightfully boring and grown up.

And that’s it in a nutshell. I still take pleasure in time with family, walking the dog and so on. I’m still hopelessly out of touch with a lot of my friends, which is my fault.

As for what’s next. Well I’ll write something after America elects its President. If it’s Trump then it won’t be a happy piece. I also want to write out a piece that’s been rattling in my head for two months. It’s a short bit of writing called “The Commuter”, and would probably be a chapter in the book that’s also rattling around in my head. I’m giving myself a deadline of Sunday night, 13th November, to at least publish a shitty first draft.

All this because I turned 32 recently. I’ve got plenty of time left, but only if I start using it. Less stuff in my head, more actual action.


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