Escaping the Screens

It’s been a little longer than I expected since my last post, but it’s not been for a lack of desire to write on here. The last week has been particularly busy with work and other mandatory but dull non-work stuff, so this humble little blog had to wait.

After an intense week glued to my PC monitor or laptop, I did value an opportunity over the past weekend to ditch screens and get to the great outdoors. This included a trip into the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens, a lovely place in a rather nice part of the city – its altitude also means there are gorgeous views to soak in. I doubt it’ll ever be practical for me to live in that area, but it’s certainly my favourite part of Edinburgh.

I do think getting away from screens is important though, even if it means stubbornly leaving the phone in the pocket when an email notification comes in. Sometimes it can become ‘normal’ to spend hours and hours per day glued to these harshly lighted panels, but it’s not natural. Our computers, phones and TVs are integral to our day to day existence, and they can be hugely valuable parts of our lives, but it does little harm to take a break from them on occasion.

I do have a happy middle-ground, I think, and that’s my old Kindle e-reader. It’s a ‘screen’, yes, but e-ink is amazing (albeit old) tech, and as my model is one of the ancient ones with a keypad it has no backlight; that’s fine, it makes me find some decent light. I think it’s a pity e-readers have fallen away as the market has trended towards cheaper standard tablets – e-ink is lovely technology, mainly because it’s as easy on the eyes as printed text. When I’m out and about and want a lighter bag, or when I’m trying a new novel that I’m unsure of buying in physical form, I often turn to my Kindle. I’ll never support Kindle Unlimited, however, but that’s maybe a topic for another day.

In any case, work and life have been busy, but some novel excerpts and creative writing should be popping up (or starting to) this month.

Until the next one,