Time to Start Writing Again

It may seem odd that, as someone who writes for a living, I have an urge to restart an old blog anew and write even more. Yet when the day job is writing about one topic, over and over again, there’s a lack of expression and freedom. In writing not only about video games, but Nintendo at that, I get caught in a loop where instinct rules and I simply churn through days with nary a creative thought.

It’s dangerous, in any walk of life, to get in a cycle. Whether it’s listening to the same music over and over, watching old films rather than trying something new, reading the same books – doing this to excess shuts off the brain. Well, that’s the case with me, and I need to break the cycle.

The long term goal is to continue making a living from writing, but as a creator rather than critic. I’m not sure that’s a realistic prospect, but I’ll give it a try. So this site will be the home for all writing that isn’t about Nintendo. I may write about current affairs, or about myself, and I’ll certainly be uploading works in progress that are scripts, short stories and an attempt at a first novel. If I don’t do it now, when will I?

I intend for my regular writing to be a fresh start in other respects, too. The only way I’ll stop myself going crazy is by chasing what I really want to achieve; that’s not much, either. I don’t seek fame or fortune, but just to look at my work and how I’ve spent my time and to feel they’ve contributed something relatively meaningful to the world. Whether I do that as a writer or in a future career move, or perhaps both, that’s all I want.

So this is the first post on Literary Gamer. The design of the site will likely change as I mess about with alternative themes, but what’ll be constant is my commitment to it.

Until the next one,